Slazenger Jackets South Africa

The perfect place to find great quality jackets with a selection of options to choose from, Slazenger jackets present a clear and efficient branding opportunity while still giving out a product that is comfortable and of a high quality. Great for company jackets or sports team casual wear, a well branded, high quality jacket makes for a useful and thoughtful corporate branding option- something functional to get everyone through the winter.

These strong, durable jackets are available in a range of styles, materials and colours to suit your needs to the tee. Ranging from lighter, evening jackets to full on rain and storm jackets, thee is something to suit anyone’s needs as you can choose the style that suits you. With so much room for quality branding, a branded jacket can be the solution to all your branding needs.

The Slazenger Soft Shell Jacket, for example, is one of the best sellers at the moment, and one of our own all time favourites. Made from smooth, soft shell material this functional jacket is fun and fashionable without letting up on its warmth and comfort. This hooded jacket is perfect for winter weather as the durable design allows for comfort as well as freedom of movement. A branded item that shows the forward thinking and functionality of your brand, they act as ideal brand ambassadors, marketing your brand to everyone who sees.

Slazenger Soft Shell Jacket for men

The Slazenger 3 in 1 jacket, a unique multi-purpose winter jacket, can serve as a rain jacket, winter jacket or fleece jacket as to give you comfort and warmth throughout the year. Perfect for the range in the South African weather, these are the perfect items to give to clients or staff as the large branding area and great quality allow for a complete and meaningful marketing effort. Available in both men’s and women’s cuts these fantastic jackets can be branded with an embroidered logo for a clean cut, sophisticated look that clients will love. Fulfilling a daily use this is a gift that will be used time and time again.

3 in 1 jackets

Another option in the branded jackets range from Slazenger, the Slazenger Fleece jacket available for men and women. This brilliantly warm sweater, which has five different colour options to choose from, is a popular corporate gift for clients and staff alike. A functional gift that can be used everyday it is the perfect branded gift for those pesky winter months. A durable and comfortable item, this can be an ideal marketing product on which to put your own well designed brand logo and name. With an embroidered logo that looks absolutely stunning, these jackets make for ideal marketing tool. What better way to show the spirit of your company than by giving out worthwhile and thoughtful gifts that can be used every day, taking care of clients even when not around.

slazenger fleece jacket for ladies

With all these and more from the Slazenger range, it is clear that they make for the perfect corporate gift option. A functional and well thought out gift, clients will love wearing their new branded jackets, creating a situation allowing for maximum brand exposure.

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