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Slazenger Corporate Clothing

The Slazenger clothing range offers a whole host of items that can be ideally suited to any corporate branding needs. A great selection of clothes that run from golf shirts to jackets, there is something for every occasion. These high quality items are not only up to scratch with the renowned Slazenger brand, but also allow for fantastic branding opportunities, giving out a promotional item that clients and staff will love. A perfect way to gift in the modern Cape Town business world, clothing options like these not only allows for warmth and comfort, but also constant and consistent marketing every time and item is worn- which, with the Slazenger range, will be often.

The Slazenger Hoodie, with both male and female cuts as well as a choice of four colours, is a great item for your corporate branding solutions. A popular choice for societies or teams, the hoodie allows for a large branding area, giving a unique branding opportunity to show the vibrant and youthful nature of a brand. A brilliant product to give out during the winter months this is a brilliant way of gifting staff or welcoming new members to the team. With a well designed logo or brand name on a hoodie like this, there can be no denying the quality and thoughtful nature of your brand.

Slazenger Hoodies

Another great Slazenger item, or group of items, the Slazenger jacket is perfect for the winter months in South Africa. With a choice of seven jacket styles in a wide range of colours, these awesome Slazenger  jackets allow for a range of looks, meaning there is a jacket option perfect for your brand image. From the stylish winter jacket with a high collar and zip up front, to the soft shell hooded jacket with multiple pockets and a padded exterior, the Slazenger range can be the ideal promotional tool for corporate branding needs. Whether having your logo printed or embroidered. these sleek jackets look and feel good, giving your clients and staff an item they can thoroughly enjoy day after day.

Slazenger Soft Shell Jacket for men

Another great branded option from the Slazenger range, the Slazenger Golf Shirt. While also a grouping more than an actual product, there are three styles of golf shirts available from this range, all of which have both male and female cuts. From a simple, Cotton Golf Shirt to the more trendy Jebel Golf Shirt, there are options best suited to your specific brand. Looking fantastic with strategic and well designed branding on the front or back, this is a selection of items best suited for events or promotional days, however they do tend to work well as staff uniform as well. With high quality merchandise proudly displaying your brand name, there can be little question as to the level of excellence associated with your brand.

Slazenger Golf Shirts for Men

Also from the amazing Slazenger range, the Slazenger body warmers  allow for warmth and comfort without restricting movement of the arms. Brilliant for active adventurers, these sleeveless warmers come in two options. The reversible body warmer is a well designed body warmer that is perfect for your branding efforts. A useful and popular item of clothing amoung professionals, this double sided jacket creates a diverse gift that clients and staff will love. With your branding presented proudly on a body warmer like this, there is always a reminder to clients what your brand does for them.

Slazenger quilted bodywarmer south africa

With all these fantastic Slazenger products to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect item for your corporate branding needs. Whether printing or embroidering, for clients or staff members, these awesome Slazenger hoodies and jackets allow for complete comfort as well as high quality branded products.


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