Slazenger Body Warmers South Africa

Slazenger body warmers are the ideal addition to any company corporate clothing uniform. Our Slazenger clothing range offers two, equally fantastic body warmers.

These amazing Slazenger body warmers are of the highest quality and they look good!

Slazenger Reversible Bodywarmer – SLAZ-813 Slazenger Padded Bodywarmer with Hood
evolution bodywarmer

Our two exceptionally cool, Slazenger body warmers are:

  • The Reversible Body Warmer
  • Quilted Body Warmer

If you are looking for a stylish garment, that is perfect for in-between weather to add to your corporate uniform, then a body warmer is the answer.

Or, are you looking for a promotional clothing item that strays away from the conventional and classic jacket or shirt? Then once again, our Slazenger body warmer will definitely do the trick!

And with a Slazenger body warmer you can do no wrong!

We love our Slazenger body warmers – and here is why:

  • They are unisex – a great garment for both the men and ladies
  • Nothing is better for in-between weather than a high quality body warmer
  • Slazenger body warmers are beautifully designed and will be a trendy and fashionable addition to your corporate uniform


We will embroider your Slazenger body warmers with your company name or logo. They are guaranteed to look smart, professional and trendy – and your staff will love them!

Slazenger body warmers are delightfully durable and completely comfortable.

Below are our two Slazenger body warmers. For more detailed information on the Reversible Body Warmer or the Quilted Body Warmer, simply click on them:

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