Brand Name Corporate Clothes

Brand Name Corporate Clothes South Africa- A brand known around the world for high quality clothing and sportswear, the Slazenger corporate clothing range has a vast selection of items suitable for any and all situations- perfect branded items for the professional environment. A brilliant selection of high quality brand name corporate clothes, Slazenger has some of the best clothing options for an eye-catching, stylish branded clothing item.

Some of our popular Slazenger items:

Reversible Body Warmer

3 Reasons why this is a brilliant branded clothing option:

  1. 100% ripstop nylon outer and 100% polyester fleece inner
  2. Awesome fold-away hood
  3. Nine colour embroidery on the chest or one colour print on back

Jebel Golf Shirt

3 Reasons why this is an ideal staff item

  1. Funky two-tone design
  2. Embossed buttons
  3. Available in seven colour options

Apex Winter Jacket

3 Reasons why this is a brilliant winter jacket option

  1. Inner MP3 pocket and earphone outlet
  2. Available in four colour options
  3. Nine colour embroidery on front, back and sleeves

Catalyst Softshell Jacket

3 Reasons why this is an ideal client gift

  1. Strong, durable design
  2. Nine colour embroidery or embossed branding
  3. Special mobile phone pocket on the inside

Don’t miss out on these stunning brand name corporate clothes, e-mail now to order your specially branded goods.

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